Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How to make astronomical sketches

Astronomical sketching is becoming ever more popular, and with good reason too. Not only is it great fun and does it give additional value to the extraordinary hobby that astronomy is, it's also the best way to learn how to observe. Astronomical objects are usually faint or have details that can only be discerned through a good adaptation to darkness, patience and experience. When you're sketching such an object, you're forced to concentrate on the image but yet relaxed enough to let the details leap out at you. My astronomy teacher 35 years ago therefore told me that in order to learn how to observe one should start sketching. And so I did and I'm still extremely happy for the advice that he gave me as a kid. 

In order to give everyone a hand at sketching, I'm creating a series of videos in which I'll reveal all of my little secrets. Of course, They'll only contain my personal techniques whereas there are just as many techniques as there are sketchers. But nevertheless I hope that my videos will be useful to everyone and I sincerely hope that you'll enjoy them.

Here's the first about preparation. I'm afraid that the second will only follow in September due to... holidays. :-) But I'll keep you informed through my blog whenever a new video's released.

Happy viewing!

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